Who is this clinic for?

You have been told that you have arthritis but you have only been offered strong medication or surgery.

You want to learn more about the condition so you can take control of your symptoms and find your solution for the way you want to live your life.

Why choose us?

Arthritis solutions is a unique service that brings together a range of experts with a passion for arthritis care. Our team will work together with you as an individual to guide you on the best treatment for pain control, weight management, biomechanical assessment and exercise prescription for whole body strength.

What do we do?

Using our team of physicians and therapists we accurately assess the severity of your condition. With our partners at Manchester Metropolitan and Salford Universities we measure your current level of function. Our main focus is using the most up-to-date research to manage your symptoms with our unique 3-Step rehabilitation strategy.

Initial Consultation

Our team of experienced orthopaedic physcians will spend the time required to understand all the factors that contribute to your problem.

Accurate Diagnosis

Using the latest imaging techniques and scans we can make an accurate diagnosis of your condition and using our state of the art facilities measure all the contributing factors.

3 Step Program

Our unique and individualised rehab program is designed to improve your symptoms by offloading the painful area and strengthen your whole body to reduce the risk of your condition worsening.

Live your life

Our long-term maintenance plan will enable you to take control of your condition so that you can return to what you want to do.

Our combined approach

Our approach is guided by the most up-to-date evidence based research. Using state of the art equipment to measure each patients movement mechanics and joint strength, drawing together expertise from a variety of different disciplines to address all the causative factors that could be contributing to your pain.

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I could not recommend Doctor John Rogers and his team highly enough. Feel like I've got my life back.

Judith E

I am still in my rehab phase but II am already able to sit and stand for longer, go to the gym, walk with no pain and my posture has significantly improved. The team are amazing!

Sam Dane - Designer

The team really made fast improvements to my life, allowing me to run again, pain free!

Simon Rimmer