Success story – fast process

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Success story – fast process

It brilliant when we receive an email from a patient, who not only has achieved their personal goal is continuing to strive and succeed at other challenges.

Having started to suffer from plantar fasciitis after the Bala Triathlon in September 2015 I tried numerous ways to ease the pain at home. Eventually I went to a consultant for treatment including cortisone injections and a dose of shock wave therapy. The consultant then prescribed physiotherapy and 8 sessions followed with no success.

Having missed most of the off season I was begining to worry about making the start line for the new seasons events. A friend of mine recommended Doug and after a quick phone consultation an appointment was made. The day before the meeting I tried an easy run, but was forced to stop after only a few hundred meters.

Doug was professional and thorough and it was refreshing that he looked at the causes for the plantar fasciitis rather than how to quickly mask the pain. A day after my initial meeting I was able to run a slow two miles. Over the coming months I continued with the appointments that consisted of treatment, actions to avoid a relapse and ways to manage the pain whilst training and competing. There was a steady improvement in the symptoms to a level that has allowed me to complete a full season of sprint, standard and middle distance races. I can now look forward to a full off seasons training before I up the distance to full distance in 2017.


’’ I cannot recommend Doug enough for the time, work and effort he puts in with his clients. He has been successful in helping me where other professionals have failed. It's great to find sobe one who wants to understand and help their patients, rather than simply take their money. ’’