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For us to effectively manage your problems we believe it is very important to start with an accurate diagnosis. Our team of highly trained consultants with many years experience of managing joint pain will choose the right imaging and spend time with you going through your scan results so that you have a deeper understanding of your condition.

Our therapists are caring and skilled in treating patients with joint problems. They are experts in developing personalised exercise programs to strengthen your joints and reduce your pain.

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Our Doctors are all considered experts in their field and have a wide range of experience ranging from common joint problems in general practice to travelling with elite teams to the Olympic games. This gives them a unique overview of the different problems that patients with arthritis and knowledge of the most up-to-date medical treatments.

Our team of physiotherapists all have a special interest in managing the patient with arthritis pain. They are highly trained in our unique 3-Step philosophy with expertise in retraining movement, muscle strengthening and hydrotherapy.

The multi-skilled podiatrists work within our team of professionals to correct your biomechanics and foot position so that the therapists can build on a solid foundation to strengthen your joints and core control.