What we do

Your First Consultation

Our clinic manager will arrange for you to be seen in a clinic location of your choice. Our experienced Doctors will perform a detailed history and examination and review all your previous medications and investigations. If needed your doctor will arrange further X rays, scans or blood tests to get more detailed information to help guide your treatment. At the end of the consultation you will be given a number of options depending on the severity of your condition. Only in severe cases will you be offered a surgical option and in our experience using the 3 step program, the vast majority of patients can get a better quality of life and decreased pain without surgery.

Diagnosis made

Medications optimised

Treatment Plan prescribed

Review after the 3 step program

Managing your symptoms

Using specialised equipment and research questionnaires we will measure your joint function and strength and use this information to prescribe a detailed and personalised rehabilitation program.

In order to enable you to do the strengthening program we may need to prescribe a range of treatments to off load the painful joint including insoles, bracing or joint injections.

Your Personal Solutions

We will develop for you a personalised rehabilitation program specific to your needs that will allow you to strengthen the muscles around your joint without aggravating pain. We know that treatment of your symptoms alone can only be a short term solution. We are passionate about a holistic approach that will address all the factors that we know act together including your nutrition, the way you move, and lifestyle factors.

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Living your life

In partnership with you, we will develop a long-term plan to manage your symptoms. Using a combination of sport specific exercises and core stability programs, we will enable you to return to the activities that you want to do.

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